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General information

Air Executive Ltd. is a leading executive aviation company established in 2002. It specializes in the operation and management of business jets, as well as ferry flights, sales, lease, charter and maintenance supervision of aircraft. Our operating territory is mainly Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Our management team has more than 30 years experience in managing and operating successful businesses in different industries including the airline industry.

All our services meet international standards and regulations. The years of experience and successful track record in the industry of our Directors, our Pilots and Engineers is a security for the quality of service that Air Executive provides to its customers.

Our Mission is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high quality aviation products and services at reasonable prices and on time. Building a partnership with our customers and through continuous development and involvement of our employees, our associates and technology we seek continuous improvement of the Aviation industry and our society's access to air travel, safety and comfort.

Executive aircraft charter

Our Executive Jet charter service offers the ultimate travel solution for those who value safety, time, privacy and flexibility.

Our Team of aviation Professionals can build a customized travel schedule based on your specific needs. We can source the right aircraft and handle all your executive travel arrangements. We are committed to providing an excellent service both on the ground and in the air.

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Our service provides the following benefits:

Global service through our network of associates

Large variety of aircraft depending on the customer needs

Latest cabin entertainment systems on most aircraft

Customized VIP catering

Avoidance of the stress and crowds of commercial airports

Use of VIP Executive Terminals not available to the general public

High level service and privacy that makes flying productive and a great pleasure

Non-stop flying to your destination, arriving relaxed and ready for action

To request a quote you can call +357-24818370 to discuss your needs with a member of our Team, or you are welcome to fill the form:

Aircraft management program

Air Executive Ltd. specializes in the management of executive aircraft. Our aim is to relieve the aircraft owners of all complex operational, technical and legal issues relating to aircraft operation. You simply tell us when and where you wish to fly and we will take care of the rest. As regards the quality of our service, come and talk to our customers, they will tell you about it.

Through our aviation expertise and support we offer a complete aircraft management service as a one source solutions provider for all your needs. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a safe flight with the best in-flight service from your own crew.

Enjoy the freedom of owning and flying with your own business aircraft and let us take all the responsibility.

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Our Aircraft Management Program provides our customers with the following services:

Aircraft acquisition

Analysis of your specific requirements to identify which aircraft type will suit your needs best either new or second hand

Management of the acquisition, acceptance, registration and delivery processes of your aircraft

Cost savings

Advice on the best aircraft import process at the country of base to achieve the best solutions to save on VAT and other duties

Choice of aircraft registration to obtain maximum operational and financial benefits based on your operational requirements

Use of Fleet concept on maintenance and insurance costs offering substantial cost savings


Yearly budgetary plan tailored to your specific needs

Cost control and book keeping

Fixed monthly aircraft management fee

Monthly invoice for all variable costs


Maintenance planning using advanced software

Maintenance work supervision and control

Spare parts ordering and stock keeping

Records and paperwork management

Invoice screening

Operational support

Flight planning and flight documentation preparation

ATC flight plan filling

Landing and over-fly permits

Ground handling and fuel arrangements

Airport slots

Use of VIP lounges/ terminals

Credit arrangements

Global capabilities

On board catering

Hotel reservations and transportation arrangements

Visa support letters

Crew management

Selection and hiring of qualified crew

License, medicals and validations supervision

Crew initial/recurrent training arrangements and supervision

Crew travel arrangements

Aircraft acquisitions

We provide consultancy in purchasing an aircraft by analyzing the customer's needs: budget, aircraft size, routes, loads and geographical location.

Our proven track record and experience in sales, charter and aircraft maintenance enables us to handle every aspect of the acquisition process from start to completion.

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Our comprehensive service for aircraft acquisitions includes the following:

Analysis of customer needs

Aircraft evaluation

Selection and presentation of appropriate aircraft types

Preparation of aircraft marketing plan (if required)

Budgetary proposal

Pre-purchase inspection survey – acceptance

Aircraft registration with appropriate Civil Aviation Authority

Aircraft delivery – Ferry flight

Maintenance arrangements

If required our Team can also take over the management of your aircraft and offer you an efficient hassle-free service which will ensure that you will enjoy the freedom of using your own aircraft without the need to worry about all complex operational, technical and legal issues relating to aircraft operation.

Aviation consulting

In addition to acquisitions, we provide consulting and management services for a wide range of aviation projects through our experienced personnel and associates. We deliver to our clients targeted, complete and cost-effective solutions covering all aspects of the project such as regulatory, market, safety, financial and budgetary issues and others.

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Following is a selection of some aviation projects and services where we provide consultancy:

Aircraft acquisition and pre-purchase inspections

Aircraft import

Aircraft registration

Aircraft ferry flights

Flight support

Aircraft lease and charter contracts

Aircraft maintenance supervision

Assistance in setting up ATOs, AOCs and Flight Operations Departments

Pilot Training

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss your specific requirements by phone +357-24818370 or by filling: